Hard Parts that Aren't Supposed to Break -

the Mangled Front Beam

This pretty picture is of a front end that was twisted from hard contact with mother earth! Yep, nailed a tall rock at high speed.

The passenger-side shock tower was flattened on the bottom. The welds holding the front-end adjusters broke. The front bumper, a cheezy unit, mounted over the tops of the shock absorbers, and the studs on the tops of the shocks are twisted and mangled. Had to cut one of 'em off to remove the shock.

Also noteworthy are the flattened, crushed tubes along the bottom-front of the bumper, and the crushed, folded lower mounting brackets of the bumper. They were excellent feelers!

The end result is a front end with an artsy curve! The left side of the front end is a few inches lower (back) than the far side. The leafs in the lower tube were non-removeable! Weggied! Had to cut the beam to remove the leafs.

The funniest thing - this front end was driveable for some time! Of course, alignment was an issue, but not a major one after a simple toe-in adjustment. Eventually the urethane bushings were ground away, then a stability problem developed, but not before.

The garage floor pictured was sealed with epoxy-resin-based garage floor sealer. That greasy mess cleaned up with soap, water, and scrub-brush.

Do you have photos of Hard Parts that Aren't Supposed to Break?