Big Boy Toys -

the Don't You Wish List

the toys that separate the men from the boys

(or maybe just the guys with more money than the other guys)

- Turbo City's off-road EFI turbo combination. See the Baja Page - Phoenix Bugorama '96 - the Swap Meet

- 2110cc motor. This motor is known as being Very Reliable, so it's the biggest I'll recommend here.

- 3300+ cc motor. There's one other motor worth considering, but I can't seem to remember the exact size - the GM pistons and rods make it worth a try!

- Any FAT Performance motor

- Class 5 frame

- Fuel Cell

- Complete dash of VDO gauges. Everything but a water temp. Maybe the Royal series, just to salute the classic VW purists

- 4-wheel disc brakes

- Jamar turning brakes

- Widened front beam

- 4 front-end adjusters

- extra-long trailing arms

- Long-travel shock towers - 16" of travel will do just fine

- Bilstein shocks, or maybe the RaceShock custom setup - four up front, 6 in rear

- Wright bros rear end with remote torsion

- 3x3 trailing arms

- Rack & pinion steering

- Hella bright off-road lights. 10 of 'em - 4 on top, 4 on the front bar, and two as backup lights. "I wear my sunglasses at night...."

- Killer sound system. Hard-mounted with shock-absorbing CD player

- Dual battries.

- Extreme-duty alternator - 60 amp or more

- Sway-A-Way everything (except the sway bar). Front torsion springs, torsion bars, axles, the works

- Beard seats

- RCI harnesses (I like my 4-point just fine, but with a baja like this I'd better say 5-point)

- Parker pumper clean-air system with helmets