Dirty Pictures -

or Why Bajas are Better

Mud is FUN!

Unless you're in a rail, that is. Or a jeep in a rainstorm. Or a quadrunner, or especially a bike. Then rain & mud aren't only uncomfortable, they're dangerous!

So goes reason #1 why bajas are better - they keep the mud out!

It's monsoon season in Arizona. This means it's 110 degrees in the daytime, humid as can be in the afternoon, then big nasty storms roll in every evening and sometimes hit my part of town. Giant dust clouds envelop everything, wrapped in 60 mph winds, with raindrops big as hummingbirds bruising the unweary.

The perfect time to go romping. Just be careful - flash floods are no fun, stay out of the gullies!

So goes my inspiration for Sandlizrd's Dirty Pictures!

This first series of pictures is provided by Ken Moore, owner & operator of European Automotive. An excellent machine shop and engine builder, I'll recommend him to anyone! Not to mention, a good guy who's rebuilding his race car so he can take the family racing with him.


as many good stories go, it all started innocent enough....

Then they went racing in their class 12 buggy.

And this, my fellow baja enthusiasts,

is why bajas are better.

Continuing on, let me thank Muzza, from Brisbane, Australia, for the wonderful dirty picture! I knew right away that Muzza was a mud monster - he emailed before buying a baja, and instantly thereafter starting asking, how are bajas in the mud? I think he's convinced...

And Muzza's latest endeavor. The motor's in need of some work but what better way to get the most out of it before the rebuild?

This photo shows the finer qualities of runny mud. Doesn't stick so well, tends to wash itself off, but after closer examination one can see that it washed all the way over this fine 73 Baja after big rains in Corpus Christi 11/98.

"Some big 4-Wheelers dared me to try the "Sippy Hole" on an abandoned Navy base. They found R E S P E C T !!!"

John's baja shurely looks a bit dirtier at the end of this run - http://www.angelfire.com/or/Baja/mud.html has more worth viewing!

This avid baja mechanic has created a monster - 2276cc motor with dual 48 carburetors? Wow! You should see what he's done since then - the same car a year later has fabricated bus reduction boxes and disk brakes. He promises completed pictures soon. Sorry about the color correction, but it helps the features stand out a bit, compared to the solid-grey mud look. Color reduction does this sometimes.

Steve's '63 has a stock 1600 motor. However, he's building a big stroker motor to avoid situations like this.

Steve describes, "OK, the true story is... I was NOT TRYING to mud at the time, for from the road it looked like a little mud puddle that I could go slow through. But, I learned different! As you can tell my baja is (was) pretty clean. I believe that I could have goten out if I would of had some mudding tires on but all I had on was street tires. And, IF I was going faster that would have worked also. I am currantly rebuilding it, and will keep you posted. This happened in Utah. In case you didn't realise it yet, there gets to be some pretty good mud holes sometimes. I hope the axles were OK!"

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