SandLizrd's Better Half

A Boy and his Baja

Many people ask, what's the SandLizrd drive? I've resisted the urge to plaster my beautiful baja all over the page, for various reasons - there's so much in progress on the girl, as soon as I take photos they're obsolete. There's plenty of home pages out there where people show off their own cars - I've chosen to show off everyone else's.

But hey, it's Valentine's Day! And the logic goes like this: Cars are like ships, and ships are always called she, so my car must be a she too, huh? (If so, she's got a mean set of balls-bearings.) I'll be spending the holiday with her at Rocky Point, Mexico, to see the Whiplash Point-to-Point race. Everyone knows you have to talk nice to your car, especially me since I have no desire to break down in Mexico.

Furthermore, people sometimes are ever-so-politely curious as to what the SandLizrd's qualifications are. It's time for her coming-out celebration!

My machine is a wonderful, talented and good-looking '69 baja. Well, maybe not all that good-looking, but love seeith nothing but beauty. I've actually had a picture of it on the page, but you had to guess the picture. And once you saw the picture, you had to guess what color the car really is. Looks rather different at this point, anyway - I've cut the fenders, put 215's on the front, rebuilt the front end (again) and got 5 more inches of lift, added new front rims, and a new nerf-bar's in the works.

A good girl must have both softness and fortitude - thus, she sports a 4-point roll bar, late-model VW seats, and RCA 4-point harnesses. She holds me tight and I know everything will be allright.

To keep her pointed in the correct direction, and with the correct posture, she contains stock axles, CV's and torsion bars, but has a turned rear torsion. KYB gas-a-just shocks all around. The heaviest tie rods I could find - I'm tired of making hockey sticks out of tierods. New steering box. Urethane bushings everywhere.

The girl's seen more maintenance than any human girlfriend I've ever had! I've worked on everything but the shifter, and that's just because her previous boyfriend cut the shifter to a beautiful hone. Let me count the ways:

And that's just the interesting stuff.

She's blessed with a new motor I just built recently, featuring:

To round out her charming qualities, she has a CB, stereo and an electric heater! Not that I know anything about cold, but I'm perfectly happy in not finding out.

So there's more things to be done to her - Beard SuperSeats are high on the list, and so is a Tri-Mill exhaust with S&S header. Even the alternator and offroad lights have waited this long. But that's OK, my girl doesn't have to be perfect, she's still my girl, and she's getting better every month.

What kind of riding do I do? Let me refer you to my latest upload, Bent Beam - front view, and Bent Beam - side view. She was a bit rakish for awhile. The answer is rough riding! This state has it all - fast roads in the forest, fire roads in the stumps, rocky mining roads (vintage 1920's), sandy washes, dry rivers, mountain hillclimbs, the beach is only 5 hrs. away, even mud if I'm quick after a rainstorm. The only thing I don't do is snow. I've even braved a few running washes and lived to tell about it. Have you read the comment about VW's float a little while? It happens when the waterline is about 2/3 up the door.

Yeah, it's only a car. And human women have their finer qualities, too - I'm not putting them down. (I could use a couple extra of them, too, but probably couldn't keep 'em in the garage.)
However, every guy needs a project, a dream, a good set of wheels - thus, I love my Baja!
- SandLizrd