Pat's Class 5-unlimited Race Bug

Thanks to Pat of Karl's Custom VW of Mesa, AZ, let me present you with a genuine class 5-unlimited baja!

This baja was raced in ADRA (Arizona Desert Racing Association) competitions several years ago. ADRA is no longer around, and the technology for full-race has improved dramatically since this car raced, but it's still really something to see, even if it doesn't have an $11,000 transmission.

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This car featured a 105 1/2" wheelbase, with 17" rear travel and 10.5 " front travel. I don't think that Pat hit too many rocks.

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It was powered by a 2387cc VW engine with Dual 48 IDF Weber carburetors. The excellent stance was obtained with a 13" wider rear torsion housing, 1.5" wider by 3" longer woods trailing arms each side, giving a total of 16" overall wider rear suspension. Also worth mentioning are the Sway-A-Way axles (24") and Sway-A-Way torsion bars (29 1/2" x 29mm).

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The front end was a 10" wider Wright product, and this picture really shows the 10.5" front travel.

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Other items to mention:

- Dirtrix chassis

- 32 gallon ATL fuel cell

- Beard super seats

- Simpson 5-point 3" wide harness

- Bus 091 transaxle

- Bilstein shock absorbers

- Wright rack & pinion steering

This next image needs some description. After a race, Pat was out romping and managed to roll the race bug! No serious damage, but of course this happened just after he'd completed all the bodywork. Makes for a good picture, though.

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Pat would like me to mention his sponsors of that time:

Station 1

Barry's Chrome Shop

Pat Hughes Transaxles

Racekraft Engineering


The Machine Shop, Prescott AZ

Mar Bro Fasteners

More race bajas to come!