Readers' Bajas -

Real-life Bajas in the Real World

By popular demand, here's a section dedicated to photos of your fellow readers' bajas!

If you want to submit your picture for the baja world to see, get it scanned and email the image file to SandLizrd@BAJA.COM . I choose to avoid receiving things via snail mail, mostly because I have as much trouble gaining access to a scanner as you do! (Maybe more.)

Please include a description of what the baja really does. If it's not particularly attractive, that's OK - I think we've all seen plenty of trailer-queens and pavement-only bajas, and can appreciate a real baja in the real world.

I've been meaning to start this section sooner, but didn't know how to kick it off, when lo and behold, I receive the perfect photo!

This is sent in by OldHippi in West Virginia. He describes this as "the baja that LIVES offroad. No glitter, no chrome, no frills. Function over appearance." It's a '72 flat-window SuperBeetle, and is used to pull logs, tow trailers and pull stumps. Thanks to OldHippi for the input!

Info is still pending on this one, but DURN what a nice photo!

The baja pictured in the following photo is used for posing around the streets of London, according to Lee, its owner. That's a Pinto motor out back, with the radiator on the near side. Heavy, and water to contend with - but lots of horsepower! Also note the BF Goodrich All-Terrain TA tires.

The following photo is of a baja snagged for $500 out of a junk yard, after it was abandoned. I hope the person who abandoned it sees it here and cries for a month. It's a '66 with chopped top, not in the best condition since it was just purchased, but will be better soon! I hope Gambit sends another photo when it's complete!

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