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Phil in Oregon sends the following photo of his PowerMonster. Phil admits that it's not pretty, but claims, "it'll really get up and go! It's powered by a Buick V6 mated to a bus transaxle with bus CV's, axles and aftermarket stub axles. It sports an adjustable 8" wider front beam, 3x3 trailing arms, 3" body lift and a one-piece front-end. Amazingly enough even with all the goodies she only weighs in at 1,950 pounds. As soon as I can afford it, I plan to invest in new tires and some long travel shocks. Who knows, maybe some day I'll even paint it! " At the current time, he tells me, it's brick-red with deccor-de-mudday' highlights. (It's a french artiste thing - I'm quite fond of the mudday' school of baja art, myself!) Better images are promised soon.

And while I'm on the subject of the dark earthy stuff, you've gotta see this picture! The lessons learned here were, in no particular order, mud is slick, bad weather makes mud, and a comealong is cheap insurance!

This next photo is so good, I had to thumbnail it. Nick uses it for pre-running local races near Guadalajara, and camping/offroading, to boot. He fabricated the bumpers & cage himself - feast your eyes!

The interest in this car never ceases. I wrote back to Nick & requested some stats, and here they are:

"The bug is a 1973 Mexican built, ball joint front, swingaxle rear.

The front suspension is widened 7 inches. The trailing arms, spindles, etc are from a VW Thing, that's how I got the lift... no body lift. I cut two front beams off center (3.5" ea), turned 1/4" for preload and re-welded. I extended the lower shock mounts approximately 3" past the stock mount so I could fit a longer shock on there. The shocks are 8" travel coil over oil shocks. I do not get more travel (since I am limited by the ball joints) but the bigger shock provides more dampnening & less fade. Total wheel travel up front is around 7". I also did the standard reinforcing of steering arms, steering rods, spindles, suspension stops, etc.

In the rear I used bus reduction boxes laid down at about 30 degrees from horizontal. This provides for about 2" of lift and 3" of increased wheelbase. It also increases the track by 6". I made the adapters to lay down the reduction boxes myself, and mounted 2 gas shocks per wheel (1 KYB and 1 Bilstein). The shocks are also 8" travel, with upper mounts tied into the roll cage. The rear travel is just under 10".

The car has a full roll cage (6 point) which is connected to the front and rear suspensions and bumpers. The engine is pretty much stock 1600. I have only added a cam, 009, tri-mil, K&N, oil filter, & degreed pulley.

Thanks for your interest!"

Nick, if you're out there, please write!

John sent in the following photo of his bug. The style is rock-solid, and I like the paint! He's done something wild with the window tint - almost a red. I wonder what Dr. Porsche would say about that American flag? Myself, I like it. John's immediate plans include a lift.

Troy provided a picture of his previous pride and joy - a 10-year project. It flies through the air, swims rivers (at least halfway) and even won 2nd place at a Southern California VW show. I hope the new owner appreciates it!

Here's a bit of comedy for you - how many of us know what it takes to replace a starter? And how would you like to show this to your stock VW friends?
Besides, I like the air cannister and woodland camo paint a lot.

Here's Rob's creation - fondly known as Baja Borg! There was recently a major snowstorm in the Chicago area, and Rob tells how hardly any vehicles could get out of their driveways, except for snowplows - and Baja Borg. How proud he must be of this fine baja.

Not to mention, Borg must've been acting as a snowplow, by the looks of this photo. I get a lot of questions about how bajas behave in the snow, and I truthfully don't know much about snow. So let this be a testimonial!

I love this car!

Just checked with Rob - Baja Borg has been upgraded with a 1.8liter Jetta motor, and has made the questionable transition to dragracer! (I'll check with Rob, and make sure it's bound for SAND DRAGS)

Johan Bergquist of Stockholm, Sweden sends the following photo of his '68 shorty. It has a one piece flip-front baja-kit, 1600cc motor with dual Weber 40's. According to Johan, "I try not to get to much attention from the law enforcement (they REALLY dislike the rear tires, 11,5" wide, 31" Radial Rovers) so the stinger muffler is only mounted on special occations. The short wheelbase, big tires and wound-up suspension donīt do anything to improve the roadholding, but itīs fun and looks exactly right. I also have a yellow VW 66-Bajaproject, almost ready. When that happens, itīs gonna be a to-work-transport for my wife."

Three cheers, Johan!

There's a group of baja fanatics in Bakersfield, CA that's been known to take baja trips to 9200 feet above sea level! I've inquired into their heating setups....!

Heating obvious in this photo - Big Flamin' Fire. Photo enhancement required to pull the bajas out of the background - It's actually sunset in the picture, rather dark and looking COLD! That's dedication for you.

More Photos....!