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TBone sent the following pictures: so let it be known, BAJAS CAN FLY!

Another Tbone photo:

Rob chose to picture his clean '68 in the back yard. He apologizes for the lack of mud or snow, but comments, "Clean bajas can be fun too!"

Never mind that his exhaust setup isn't particularly baja-friendly. I expect he'll get the baja fever, mangle it on a good rock & get another one.

Mike's '64 was raced in the Las Vegas 500. Note the dual rear shocks and nets in the windows.
He also has a '70 project he's working on, but this one has mud on it!

VW Dragon sends the following picture. I cut the glam-art out of it to show a decent baja, sorry Dragon had to do it. It's a daily driver and the neighbors HATE the stinger! He's running 235/75 r15 Ridgerunners on the back and 205/75 r15 m/s on the front.

The timing of this photo isn't too clear, but seems it's been an Australian recreational pastime for generations to spin doughnuts on the beach in baja bugs! Thanks to Bob for sending this photo of his dad's car.

This gem was advertised in a West Virginia auto-trader magazine - it's a '63 convertible that was modified 15-20 years ago, and has been in a barn with a tarp over it ever since! The flat-nose effect is intriguing, don't you think? The person who modified it did a lot of fabrication, such as type 2 swingaxle with reduction boxes, and gas tank in the back seat.

There's gems out there if you look hard enough!

Robert from Bakersfield, CA had a problem with an old man in a pickup truck, and had to do some rebuilding on his front end. It turned out rather well, I might say.... It's a '63, has a full roll cage (front bumper to rear bumper) and 3" body lift. And the front end is fresh. I like the mounting of the KC lights. It's hard to find a truly winning combination with those things and that's an acceptable method!

Interior: Roll Cage that's plated top to bottom, B&M-type shifter, Grant wheel, full lighted toggles in dash, CB Radio

Front Suspension: 14" travel W/23" KYB shocks, upper & lower supports, adjustable Rancho limiting straps. Completely welded and gusseted. Front clip has a 4" x 12" steel plate welded over seams. 1" aluminum tie rods, poly covers & bushings (SAW), HD steering box.

Rear Suspension: Completely welded and boxed-in rear frame horns, shock towers, & torsion housing. SAW HD spring plates W/urethane bushings & retaining straps. SAW torsion bars. solid-mount transmission with custom dual and single straps. Dual coil-over spring shocks. 12"+ travel to soak up the bumps!

Transmission : Transform swingaxle, built W/type 3 brakes & bus hubs, all drums are studded. ( Will be going to bus reduction boxes here in two weeks)

Engine: 1835cc counterweighted crank, 110 cam, balanced & blueprinted, ported & polished, dual carburetors, All of the trick goodies in the valve train, solid rockers, & HD high-rev springs. Full-flow oil system W/filter, Tri-Mill comp merged exhaust. chrome & aluminum shtuff every where.

Protection & handling: Skid plate covers engine & transmission, fully adjustable 3' aluminum wing that really works at high speed. (Helps keep the rear wheels on the ground.) Mickey T's in the rear & BFG's up front.

Paint: Lots of sponsors, stickers are under clear coat. ( They will stay there then, I hope.)

Extras: All new rubber, runners, bolts, etc. There is over $10,000 in the car. And the best part is it's really used off road... for some of the pics of our trip is already on this page (pg2).

I am real proud of this car. Just wait till u see my next car that is being constructed! More to come!

- The Cleaner

And Still More Photos....!