Spare Parts -

the Baja point of view

Every VW owner has their own idea of the spare parts needed while on the road. But when you consider the baja, you may not even be on the road! You could have great fun flying over rough terrain, which is rough due to rocks, holes, trees and all assortment of hazardous materials.

That's why you have a baja.

But, in the name of Wisdom, you must carry spares. More than the average VW owner. Here's the Baja Page's list of spare parts:

Must Have!

- Oil. Several Quarts. Don't Leave Home Without It. It's Like Your Car's BLOOD

- Throttle cable

- Clutch cable

- Clutch hook

- Fan belt

- Brake fluid

- Spare brake line? Ted thinks so, with a good point: All the brake fluid won't help if it all leaks on the ground.

- Fuel line

- Duct tape / electric tape

- Wire coat-hanger or something of the sort

- Spare tire & 4-way Lug Wrench (you wouldn't believe what you can do with a 4-way)

- A reader goes so far as to suggest a spare drum and lugs, possibly bolted into the spare wheel. And who am I to say he's wrong?

- Valve cover gaskets. Those 50-cent parts can save you so much grief when needed.

- Oil Line (if applicable)

- Spare fuses (so you can see the cliffs at night before they sees you)

- Tire pump, and "camel hair" tire plug kit. If you don't need it, someone else will, and some desperate guy will buy you gas someday.

- Two jacks that lift very high. No kidding here.

- Tow rope (I hate to say it but it's true)

- New fuel pump (better yet, replace the old one while it still works, 'cuz Ya Never Know....)

- Can 'o' bolts. And nuts and washers and valve adjust screws and springs, all that small stuff.

- Seal-All gasket maker - impervious to everything!

- Gifts for Mr. Murphy, in case he should show up - see fuel pump for details

- First aid kit (injuries suck)

- Water (dehydration is a killer)

- Bottle opener (the next best thing)

- Flashlight

- Small gas can - very secure, please, since explosive vapors are not your friend when under the bonnet, or in the cabin

- Small shovel. Even the tiny folding camp-shovels will dig you out of some bad sand. While you're at it, include a roll of toilet paper to keep the shovel company.

- FRIENDS. Travel in pairs, or let someone know where you are going. Seems like a trivial thing now, but when you're stuck in the middle of nowhere with a busted pittman arm, you never considered that the pittman arm would be a critical part that required a spare. (You were right, for awhile.) You realize that the baja does hard turns without control every time you hit a bump. (Don't count bumps, it's disheartening.) And you wish you had a way out!

It's better to be overcautious than stranded or dead.

- Tools to maintain all of the above, and you're set. go out Baja Running!