Phoenix Bugorama '96 Swap Meet

It goes without saying - the swap meet at Phoenix Bugorama '96 was much bigger, much better than I can explain here. I found a good engine case for $30, but it's hardly worth a picture. I found this awesome little 12-volt map light, some old VDO gauges and a heavy-duty steering damper too - same rule applies. Karl's Custom VW was there - my favorite local shop has a lot to offer (more from them later if Karl agrees with my Baja attitude). This is the cool stuff that every baja owner might be interested in.

For $1000, you too can run Electronic Fuel Injection. Displayed is the full kit, from injector throttle-body to wiring harness. The display also demo'd a sandrail with the EFI installed. IT WAS DIRTY - this means that they really ran this setup and it didn't break yet. Good Sign!

The theory is, your carburetor is taking all these shocks & lumps, so the floats get impacted, the butterfly valves wear out, and fuel metering is still only marginal since those crazy little jets can only decide between idle & main flow. Go to the mountains and discover that the air is thinner at thousands of feet altitude, which richens your fuel mix and makes you wonder where all the power & low-end response is. So, either rejet your carb, adjust your timing as a poorman's compensator, or go EFI, which is self-adjusting for altitude.


Turbo City
1137 W. Katella Ave.
Orange, CA 92667-3519

Coolest Item Of Show - Turbocharged EFI setup

I wish every baja enthusiast could see this setup run. It's using a blow-through turbo with EFI fuel injection so fuel metering at varied boost is no longer an issue!

It's like this: your carburetor is perfectly able to create a low-pressure spot below the venturi, and suck fuel from the main jet based on this low pressure. Turbo motors have a DECREASED lopressure spot, since the air is fed under pressure and the venturi is not doing its job quite right. Get it?

Part B: EFI is able to self-adjust its flow because the computer senses the fuel/air mix from the sensor installed AFTER the injectors.

Enter the EFI turbo combination. Let There Be Turbo - inject fuel/air mix into the cylinders under pressure, with more mix and better flow. (see definition TURBO) Tune that mix with the EFI computers' skill at producing optimal mix under various conditions. (that sensor never moved, did it?) The venturi is not metering the mix, the fuel/air sensor tells the computer which way to go, and the computer tells the injectors more fuel/less fuel.

aw hell. Look at the picture and call for turbo at :

Turbo City
1137 W. Katella Ave.
Orange, CA 92667-3519

For any baja fanatic who's tired of those wimpy, lowback seats, consider a Beard SuperSeat. They're pricey, but then again they're the best on the market. One question I can't answer is: do you lose access to the back seat? Stock seats flip forward, and Jeeps have flip-seat rails built in - I'll be calling the guys at Beard & see what they have to say about this. Contact:

Beard Seats
Ed & Barbara Beard
208 4th Avenue E.
Buckeye, AZ 85325

UPDATE: You CAN buy a set of mounting rails to allow your seat to flip forward, like in a jeep! They come in pairs, driver's side is adjustable, and price is $90 for the pair.

Here's something a little more specific. I hear that Bajas in the South are going through a lot of starters, due to mudbogging, so when I saw this item I had to include it. It's the Craftsman Tool of starters - trash it for a few years, then send it in for reconditioning! Cost is $185, a lot for a starter but not much for 3 or 4 starters.


Ed DeStaute
Po box 6819
Rosemead, CA 91770

My photo was washed out so let the flyer stand alone.

And Finally... It's not a baja, and you can't really take it fishing, so I realize it doesn't belong here. It wasn't even part of the swap meet.

But the suspension on this car is COOL! RaceShock of Phoenix, AZ built this $30000 racer & showed it at Bugorama.

The big plan is to see what they can do for a Baja, but consider this to be "dream material" for now! Contact:

1711 West Culver Unit 1
Phoenix, AZ 85007