The Wish List -

Things that would be Nice to Have

Some extras are just wonderful. Take, for example, the simple roll of toilet paper.

Enough said?

Following is the Baja Page's rendition of the Wish List. Future editions may have the "realistic" vs. "wish on a star" lists, but let's start with the following.

- Winch (just kidding)

- Comealong

- Harnesses

- Hi-lift jack

- Spare axle, complete

- Hand-held spotlight (remember when you bought the car and checked the cigarette lighter? Probably wondered why, huh?)

- CB Radio

- Toilet Paper (in a plastic bag, please)

- Assortment of electrical accesories (coat hangers do not count)

- Coil

- Extra spark wires

- Cap rotor & points - for God's sake, replace 'em and keep a set of spares! Don't get stuck in the desert for a $2 part

- Roll bar

- Skid plate could save you a lot of repair $ some day

- Jumper cables. Actually, I've done quite well without 'em for years (it keeps other people with automatic transmissions from sucking my juice) but no doubt, they could be nice to have one day.

- Can 'o' stew for those unexpected overnighters

- Can opener. I recommend the P-38 in the parts can, with the bottle opener

- Gas can, Never Empty. We shouldn't say it, but if we don't someone will get stuck without it

To Be Updated -